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Welcome to Tree Town USA
Americas Largest Tree Farm

Providing America with top quality container trees at wholesale pricing.

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America's Largest Tree Farm

With nearly 5,000 acres in production , Tree Town USA offers unprecedented quantities, superior quality and dependable service.

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Already Green

We all know the value of trees and what they can do for the environment. Tree Town USA strives to give back to our Earth with vast amounts of green product.

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Customer Service

When you are ready to place an order, just gives us a call! Our sales associate are available to assist you with personalized service and discount volume pricing.

Contact Our Sales Department

Texas Sales: (979) 677-3090

Florida Sales: (561) 924-2400

Transportation: (979) 677-3080

Texas A&M Fruit Tree Selections

Texas A&M's Department of Horticultural Sciences has developed these exceptional new varieties of peaches and nectarines for Texas gardeners. These trees perform well in our Texas environment, and produce great tasting fruit for home gardeners. There are several different varieties bred specifically for warm, cool and colder areas of the state. Be the first in your market to carry these exciting new varieties.

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Tree Town USA Empire Live Oak

The Empire Oak is bred from our genetically superior specimen trees at our South Texas Farm. Using controlled genetic techniques, we have created a stronger, faster growing, and more consistent looking Live Oak that is perfect for your southern landscape.

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Welcome to Tree Town USA

With nearly 5000 production acres, we are America's largest grower of trees and palms.

Our superior growing methods and pruning practices,
ensure consistent high quality and availability.

With Tree Town USA, you will have access to over 2 million trees ranging from 1 Gallon to 670 gallon sizes.

At Tree Town USA, if you want it, YOU GOT IT!



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