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TreeTown USA’s market expansion and focus on employees has shaped it to be a leader in the horticulture industry. Our family-owned nursery is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has 14 growing locations throughout Texas, Florida, California, and Oregon consisting of over 6,000 acres of production. TreeTown produces nearly 33 million plants each year, an amount that, if lined up pot-to-pot, would stretch from Anaheim, CA past Houston and reach New Orleans.  

TreeTown’s capabilities and expertise allow for a vast assortment of plants to be grown in house. The company offers more than 5,000 unique plant selections made up of different sizes and varieties including:

  • Field-grown palms up to 35 feet in height.

  • Plants grown in 23 different container sizes (ranging from 1-gallon to 670-gallons).

  • Over 100 different varieties of non GMO stone fruits.

  • Over 5,000 species of plants.

TreeTown has developed four new plant selections and continues working on future developments. These include the Empire Live Oak®, which is bred under controlled genetic techniques, using superior specimen trees as seed sources to guarantee consistent strength, rapid growth rates and uniform appearance.

This vertical integration allows the company to internally propagate the vast majority of its production and ensures TreeTown’s commitment to quality begins with the propagules. In cases where product is not produced internally, it is contract grown from sources local to the regions where the plant is to be sold.  All of the company’s seed sources are well vetted to ensure proper genetics that perform well in the markets they serve.

Using controlled genetic techniques, we have created a stronger, faster growing, and more consistent looking Live Oak® that is perfect for your southern landscape.



million plants annually produced



acres in total

More than 


unique plant selections

Farms in


strategic locations


  • Be the preferred supplier of nursery products in our current market place because our quality, product consistency, selection and customer service are second to none.

  • Market our products to a diversified group of retail & landscape customers.

  • We embrace positive change and continuous improvement (a value of ours).

  • Provide the highest value experience to our customers, vendors, employees and industry.

  • Be a preferred industry employer by providing a safe, challenging and enjoyable work environment.

  • Be a Forever-Green partner to our environment.


To be the most respected Nursery Grower in the nation as defined by our customers, vendors and employees.

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